Time to go home.

My presence at my parent’s home is now an annoyance. I can tell because my mother will ask me to do something, I will in turn do what she asked. But then I will say something, and she says in a voice laced with annoyance to stop doing what I am doing and to go away. 


My parents own a bar, and this morning my mother asked me to check our liquor inventory. She had the bar tender do it last night, but she just wanted me to double check that that inventory was correct. She mentioned that the inventory said we had no rye. The minute I walk behind the bar I notice we have half a bottle of wiser’s blended rye, a full bottle of wiser’s original, a full bottle of Canadian Club, and a full bottle of Crown. We are clearly not out of rye. I then proceed to tell this to my mother and she immediately responds with “Oh my god, just stop then if it is so hard. Go away, I don’t want you around here anymore than you have to be.” 

I honestly didn’t say anything worth her response. Sigh. Three more days. Two more days working for her. Should of stay at my sister’s house last night.